IRISS Forum 2011 - designs on the future

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of live blogging on behalf of IRISS for their 2011 forum focused on Designs for the Future.

I was particularly honoured as IRISS have a superb forward thinking team which I've had the pleasure of getting to know in the last 12 months through various projects and events.

This is a summary of the event.

The IRISS forum, Design for the Future, brought together decision makers, policy writers, and organisations to learn about the approaches IRISS have been embracing which fit under the umbrella of service design.

The forum highlighted methods and mindsets such as asset based approaches, co creation, co production which have all been trialled through various projects IRISS have commissioned over the last two years.

The day consisted of;

The presentation slides that accompanied the various keynote speakers at this year's Forum have now been added to this site. They can be found attached to each of the speakers' individual pages:

Here's a Hand, Edinburgh

Here's a Hand is an innovative service designed to connect carers to their family, friends and neighbours, making it quicker and easier to ask for and offer a helping hand, a bit of advice or companionship. The service uses mobile phone texts, email, and online messaging to communicate across the group instantly and simultaneously, creating a real time, dynamic network of support.

Here's a Hand was awarded the IRISS prize at Social Innovation Camp this year and is being supported by City of Edinburgh Council. A pilot is planned with 25 carers in Edinburgh early next year.

Sarah Drummond, co-founder and Director of Snook, a service design agency in Scotland, will be blogging about the Forum as it happens. You can read her posts here on the IRISS Forum website, and comment during the day. Alternatively you could take some time to reflect on what you have seen and heard and comment after the event. Either way we welcome your thoughts.

Students from Glasgow School of Art

Students from Glasgow School of Art will present highlights from their work with IRISS on service design projects, focusing on Reshaping Care for Older People.

For further information the students prepared additional material that is available on the project blog

The video of the student's talks is available, and their presentations are attached below.

Denise Stephens

Denise Stephens is co-founder and CEO of Enabled by Design (EbD), which is a community of people who are passionate about Design for All.

EbD believe that good design can support people to live as independently as possible, by helping to make everyday living that little bit easier.

Joe Heapy

Joe leads the work with the public sector at Engine Service Design. He collaborated with Demos to research and publish The Journey to the Interface, setting out the role of user-centred approaches to service design in the public sector.

Joe's topic for IRISS Forum 2011 is “Designing the practice of design.”

The video of Joe's talk is available, and his presentation is attached below.

Angela Constance MSP

Minister for Children and Young People, Angela Constance has been the Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Livingston Constituency since May 2007. Born, raised and educated in West Lothian, prior to 2007 she worked as a social worker and mental health officer and was a local councillor in Livingston.

The video of Angela's presentation is available: