Start time Title
9.30 Registration
10:00 Welcome
10.10 Angela Constance MSP
10.30 Joe Heapy, Engine
11.10 Coffee
11.30 Choreography of care and support
12.30 Lunch
13.20 Workshop Session One (choice of six - details below)
14.05 Transfer
14.10 Workshop Session Two (choice of six - details below)
14.55 Short Break
15.05 Here’s a Hand, Edinburgh
15.20 Denise Stephens, Enabled by Design
16.00 Close / Wine reception
16.15 AGM


During the afternoon, the IRISS Forum will twice break into six hands-on workshops.

The first session of six workshops, running concurrently, will start at 13:20. The workshops are then repeated in session two at 14:10, allowing you to take in any two from the six themes on offer:

  1. Use your web browser to work smarter

    Make your browser work for you with social bookmarking.

    This workshop will demonstrate how to create a simple web page containing web links you need to remember or share with others. For example, you might want to create a list of websites containing useful learning materials. The good part is you can add to the list, rearrange it or modify it all within your browser with no special skills or software, in minutes.

    This will change the way you work.

  2. The Learning Exchange as a community resource

    Using the Learning Exchange you can share all kinds of resources from audio recordings of conferences and training events to video to straightforward print materials. Learn more at this workshop.

  3. The role of evidence and practice wisdom in social services

    This session will explore the role of evidence and practice wisdom in social services, focusing on questions such as:

    • What constitutes evidence for social services?
    • How do practitioners make sense of the multiple sources of evidence available to them?
    • What is the role of gut feeling or initiative in decision making?
    • Does decision-making change in situations where the evidence available is not of ideal quality or the circumstances around the investigation are limiting?

    The session draws on the results of a small qualitative study about the role of evidence in social work, undertaken by IRISS in 2011.

  4. Measuring and recording outcomes

    This session, presented by Ellen Daly from IRISS and Emma Miller, Honorary Senior Research Associate at Glasgow School of Social Work, will explore with participants the evidence around measuring outcomes including the key issues and challenges.

    It will also focus on recording outcomes and the importance of recording as a critical link between engagement and improvement.

  5. Involving people in the design of services

    This session will introduce participants to how services can be co-designed with people, and on how to generate ideas around collaboratively designing new services.

    The session will showcase examples of organisations that involve people in the design of new or existing services and what that means for service sustainability, costs and outcomes.

    It will also feature examples of approaches taken by IRISS in the areas of mental health, self directed support, asset mapping and transitions.

  6. Getting services right: Prototyping services

    This workshop will focus on how early prototyping can help to save money. Participants will be introduced to the concept of prototyping and journey mapping as a way to test new ideas, drawing on IRISS’s existing projects.